Explore beautiful places with us at Mcfar Travel & Tourism today as we show you the world with a Smile! we offer luxury travel services to all parts of the world majorly Africa, America and Europe.

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We are a leading provider of travel and tour services worldwide. Our portfolio of service includes planning of hotels arrangements, resorts, cruise ships, vacation rentals, tours, transportation, and tour scheduled planning.

We are spread across various destinations on budget planning to suit our client’s needs. Mcfar Travel and Tourism is a well-known name in the Tourist industry, fully Registered and operate with our Contact headquartered office in the United Kingdom.

Today, we have various employees as Support Staffs with experience and reliable management team operating across The America, Africa and Europe. 

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to provide the best travel experience to our clients. With an experienced team, a variety of tours and trips, and an unparalleled customer service, we will make sure that you have the most amazing trip possible.

Our Aim

Our company is all about providing the best possible experiences to our customers. We offer a range of tours, holidays and packages for all tastes and budgets. Our travel experts are all passionate about the world, so we always provide the best possible travel experience to our customers.


Whole Trip, We Care.

Our packages are customizable, and our team will work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want for the best price.

We have a variety of trips that will keep you entertained and provide you with some of the most amazing memories.

We offer customized trips that make it easy for you to explore the world on your own terms. 

Our company is one of the best independent travel and tour company in the UK’s that is specifically designed with budget friendly in mind. We provide the best quality tours and travel experience for our clients. Our staff are trained and certified to accommodate any special needs and preferences.

Our staff are also experts in customer service, and they always ensure that your experience is as memorable as possible.

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